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Characteristics It has good effect on preventing and curing disease. After sparying it, it kills the brachsporozoites and pathogen, meanwhile it changes the procedure of disease producing germ invasion, finally it will weaken and eliminate the disease.

1. High efficacy, broad-spectrum, Rapid killiing and safe to the environmnent.
2. It has special effect on preventing and curing diseases caused by fungi. Best results will be achieved if using it at the initial stage of diseases. 24 hours after spraying, the disease -spot will be dehydrate, then it will trun withered, finally it will be well cured.
Direction for Use 1. Tomatoes - Gary mold and powdery mildew , 600-700 ( Dilution)
2. Green Pepers & Capsicums - Blasting , 600-800(Dilution)
3. Gourds - Frostly mildew, Gray Mold and Powdery Mildew , 600-700( Dilution)
4. Tea Tree - Blister blight and Anthracnose disease , 700-800(Dilution)
5. Fruit trees - Anthracnose disease, Brown Spot and Garlic rust, 600-800(Dilution)
6. Flowers - Gray Mold, Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose disease and brown spot , 600-800(Dilution)