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ROTENON 5% liquid & 40% powder

General information It is an organic natural substance, biologically active with insecticide power that act by contact and or by ingestion ver insect's nervous system, avoiding its normal development, inhibits cellular respiration causing paralysis and final death ( by inhibition of acetocolinesterrase).
Characteristics 1. Easy to decompose , high effective, low toxic and no residue.
2. Good combinability with any organophosphosphorous or pyrethrin pesticide to enhance the efficacy
3. It can be effectively control pests on may crops such as vegetables, fruit tree, tea, tobaccos and mulberries etc. and also has good effect on external parasities on fowls, such as louse, flea and disease on fish, shrimps and etc.
Direction for Use 1. Vegetable
Aphids, Whitefly and red Spider : 1000-1500( Dilution)
2. Fruit
Spider, Rustmites, Cabbage worm, Riped Flea Beetle, Epilachna Vigintioctopunctat : 1000-1500 ( Dilution)
3. Flowers
Aphid, Whitefly and Red Spider : 1000-1500 ( Dilution)
4. Tea Tree
Aphid and Apple Geometrid : 1000-1500 ( Dilution)
5. Tobacco
Oriental Tobacco Budworm : 1000-1500( Dilution)
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