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Chemical name 3-phenoxybenzyl-(1R,3R)-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methyl-1-proprnyl)cycloproanecarboxylate.

Molecular formula C23H26O3

Molecular weight 350.46
CAS No 26002-80-2
Properties Technical products is light yellow oily liquid. Insoluble in water, solubility in acetone, hexane, benzens, xylene, chloroform, ether, methanol, ethanol and Kerosens is 50% min.
It can be remained with good quality for two years at normal temperature.

Toxicity Acute oral LD50 to rats 10,000 mg/kg
Uses It is the only non-poisonous products of synthesis pyrethroid insecticides permitted to apply in American civil aviation anf one of insecticides recommened by WHO.

It is a broad spectrum insecticide with potential contact and stomach action, lethal effect 8.5-20times than that of other pyrethriod products and a weak knockdown, in mixture with tetramethrin and esbiothrin against pests in household,
storage, public and industrial area. Also effective against tyxophagus putroscentiae and dermatophagoides forinae. It is also ideal for control and preventions of rhizoperthadominica and nepfotettixcinceps.

Proposed dosage In aerosol, 0.1%-0.2% content can be formulated with tetramethrin as lethal agent.

Specification Technical 93% min

Package 25kgs/drum