General information It is pure natural herb-sources botanical insecticide. It was meticilously refined and produced from wild medical plants, Sophora flavescens Ait. Its effect method is acts on nerve center system of pests to result in breath inhibition and motion imbalance. Activity, behavior and metabolism changed, the dead pests will be seen. The other ingredients in the products enforce the efficiency with the special traditional chinese medicine technology.
Characteristics 1. The active ingredients of more than 10 kinds of chinese herbal materials have united together and formed strong power to kill insects and prevent bacteria. 2. Harmless and safe due to its low toxicity 3. Increasing efficiency 4. Accelerating growth and increasing output
Directions for use 1. Vegetable Diamondback moth and armyworm : 500-600( Dilution) Pieris Rapae L and Aphid : 800-1000(Dilution) Tea Leaf Mite and Camine Spider : 600-800(Dilution) Phytomyza Horticola G : 400-500 (Dilution) 2. Fruits Aphid and Pear Psylla : 800-1000( Dilution) Carmine Spider mite and peach fruit borer : 800-1000(Dilution) 3. Flower Carmine Spider mite and Phytomyza horticola G : 500-750(Dilution) 4. tee Trees Aphid and tea Peometrid : 800-1000 ( Dilution)
Formulation ( Purity) Any percentage.
Delivery time & others Shipment : within 2 weeks Drum size : Negotiable Clearance : No problem